Fåtölj Stua Nube, by Gasca

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The design of the NUBE armchair comes from the combination between the flat orthodoxy of the contemporary spaces with the curves of the human body. While the outside lines of NUBE armchair are made of flat parallel surfaces, the space where we can sit is curved and cosy, like a nest.

Instead of a solid block, the design of NUBE allows to see all the back part of the armchair. So the shape with all the curves where we are going to sit is visible. Looking at the armchair, before seating, we can already expect a big comfort from the armchair.

The volume is then delimited by the sober straight lines of the outside, enriched by the grace of the inner curves. This effect is enhanced by the use of two colours in the upholstery of the armchair, one colour for the flat surfaces and the other colour for the curved surfaces.

The frame of the armchair is light, minimal and continues the outer shapes remaining almost unseen.
The frame is made of solid chromed steel.

Another detail of the NUBE armchair is that it has a square upper view. Different armchairs can be combined turning between them. So the armchairs can be linked making straight lines or angles.

NUBE can be used for both, the domestic use or the contract market. NUBE is always upholstere


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